söndag 9 november 2014

Raw food and babies

My six months old baby who had his face all scratched up because of detoxsymptoms he couldn't stand, is now on the road to wellville. I didn't give up the banana island. I continued to give him bananas and I didn't expect it go away this quickly. I tried for the first months to only breastfeed and give him bananas but the itch and excemas on his whole body didn't go away. I didn't realize that it was me that breastfed him that was the fault. I still ate some cheese and milk-power in stuff, but now I don't and his face is turning smoothe again. I am sooo happy now. This morning I gave him banana with coconut. He was satisfied right away. yesterday he had two bananas and an apple and some juice from tangerines (but he didn't really like the juice though). I too crave coconut. Yesterday I had a little bit of dark chocolate - and it was soooo delicious. I was so fatigued yesterday som I caved in. But the tangerines I eat, the bananas and coconuts will do my day today. I'm not 100% totally raw yet - but that's my goal. Love to you all guys.